1. Figure Out a Realistic & Practical Price

Understanding the difference between how much you feel your house is worth and how much it is actually worth is essential. The best starting point for this is to use websites like Zillow & FHFA House Calculator  as a starting point for how much houses in your area are costing. The pricing reflected on those sites are typically based on sellers who are not in a rush, selling your house quickly means coming down on the price, it’s practical to decrease the price from 8-10%. This is the big justification in skipping a real estate agent and not losing out on the 6% they will take. 

2. Needed and Previous Home Repairs

While companies like Gold Leaf Home Buyers will always buy your house in an “As is” state most buyers will not. Listing out all the minor and major repairs your home may need makes life easier on estimating how much time and money you need to get your house market-ready.  Get cost and time estimates on the most needed items to figure out what you will tackle before listing your property. 

Additionally listing the repairs you have already done on your house such as the date and amount you spent will put a lot of buyers at ease knowing they will not have to spend money on already done repairs. Things like roof repairs, plumbing, and rewiring are big bonuses to home buyers. 

3. Create Urgency At Your Open Houses

Creating a sense of urgency by using time-sensitive sales tactics has worked for hundreds of years and will work in this case. People love a good deal and it does not feel much like a deal unless it’s for a very limited time only. Emphasize a weekend only sale on your house on property websites when posting. You want to drive as much traffic to your open sale as possible so anything to create urgency is going to be good. 


4. Sell The House With Staging 

Staging your house is not just for the house flippers on TV, its an essential part of selling your house for the most money possible. In a rush to many people assume the value and location of their house will be enough but that simply is not true. Take the time to declutter and pack everything that is not absolutely essential for living in your house for the next 1-2 weeks. Take advantage of your space, read some guides on staging your home, and use every advantage you can get. 

You may look at hiring a staging company, while this costs money it will bring a lot of value and help sell your house much faster. These companies can bring you new modern furniture to stage your house or use your existing furniture and just add a touch of flare. 


5. Final touches for more flare

The last few small details make a big difference, get your carpet cleaned to get rid of any pet odors, and to make your floor spotless. Remove all the drapes to make as much natural lighting as possible, remove wall hangings that make cluttered such as family pictures. Bring in some plants to give the house a touch of nature. Hide shoes,  litter boxes, garbage cans, or any other unsightly items. 

6. Skip all the work and sell for cash

The above steps will help towards getting your house sold as fast as possible, but nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the market and how finicky buyers can be. If you want a guaranteed buyer going to a company like Gold Leaf Home Buyers will ensure your house gets sold quickly. We buy houses for cash as-is, this means you don’t have to worry about repairs, cleaning, staging, or bringing a bunch of plants in your house to look nice. Leave behind what you don’t want and move to your new house without the stress. 

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